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The Venomous Offering

Sådana vill jag ha till mina döttrar

Only yesterday I sat and thought about the fact that I really would like there to be an alarm system that you could have on your daughters when they are out at night. Not to spy on them then but if something happens to them. Where do you find them. The phones are the first thing a perpetrator would take from them. And so today I stumbled upon an article about pfo which is a security bracelets in really cool design. It works like a GPS transmitter and can be up and running for 5 days. Required further research.

Sleeping badly

Since the theft of the boats from our garden the kids don't sleep very well. They wake up crying and of course that has an effect on their behavior during the day. I hope this will get better soon, we try to talk to them, but also we are not sleeping too well. We're constantly checking everything, looking outside to see if there is anything suspicious and so on. Hopefully this will become better over time. We are very disappointed in the police, who does nothing and did not even pass by. Also that is hard to explain to the ...


We recently had our car inspected. My husband is always nervous about that, because there are many things they check and that you cannot check yourself in advance, simply because you need dedicated tools. And anything they find can become costly. Some things however can be checked and prepared in advance. They check the removable towboll, the red triangle, the seatbelts and of course all the lights of the car. Also the brakes should work and the tyres should have a certain minimal thread. Many things to check!